The Gypsy – Princess in Vantaa

A wonderful operetta The Gypsy Princess (Die Czárdásfürstin) by Emmerich Kálmán. Presentation language Finnish. Tenor Heikki Halinen 8th of April in Vantaa Martinus Hall at the 1 pm act. More information   

Don Carlos 2018

Don Carlos at Alexandre Theatre 2018. More information coming soon. Tickects here 

Debut at the Savonlinna Opera Festivals 2018

Heikki Halinen makes his debute at the Savonlinnan Opera Festival 2018 at the opera The Queen of Spades (Pjotr Tšaikovski), as Chaplitsky. Savonlinna Opera Festival is one of the most prestigious European festivals, here is one view to the topic.